Justice Denied—Women’s Lives Cruelly Destroyed by Sex Trafficking Gangsta Rap Artist Hailed as a Celebrity

By Jacqueline S. Homan, author of Without Apology

Snoop Lion used to be known as Snoop Dogg. Apparently, he re-tooled himself. His name is Snoop Dogshit as far as I’m concerned. A recent Rolling Stone article featured Snoop bragging about trafficking women and girls without a shred of remorse:

“Snoop had already been a platinum selling rapper for ten years when he turned his pimping fantasies into a reality. For Snoop, it “was never about the money; it was about the fascination of being a pimp.” He says he would let the girls keep the money after they, um, performed their services. He added, “as a kid I dreamed of being a pimp, I dreamed of having cars and clothes and bitches to match.””

Now, here’s the real crime of it all: Snoop, like other rich pimps and traffickers NEVER suffered ANY of the social costs as exploiters of women and girls. Only the poor marginalized trafficked women and girls did—that is, for those who survived. Many either ended up dead from suicide, drug overdoses, murder at the hands of johns, or dead from untreated HIV/AIDS.

How can ANYONE claiming that they care about, or claiming that they support, sex trafficking victims/survivors sit by quietly and NOT demand that Snoop’s CD’s, videos, T-shirts, etc. be removed from store shelves?

How can people be silent instead of demanding that Snoop make reparations for the completely destroyed lives of those women and girls?

What kind of people applaud the fame and fortune of rich pimps and traffickers while leaving poor, marginalized trafficking survivors to rot in total social exclusion with NO social and economic support, and NO restorative justice?

Where is the deafening moral outrage from the anti-trafficking movement, the feminist movement, and the class justice movement?

Where is the richly deserved social stigma for pimps and traffickers?

Poor marginalized trafficking and prostitution survivors suffer social condemnation and rejection (and outright bullying) and utter poverty for the rest of their lives in many cases. Many whom are now older women fear for their grandchildren being tormented and bullied at school because “Grandma was a ho”—regardless of how or when “Grandma” got pressed into prostitution (and subsequently exited), be it from being trafficked by a criminal gang or be it from being forced into it by the gun of poverty aimed squarely at their heads—while those who exploited them, who profited from their rapes, torture, forcible infection with fatal STD’s and other forms of brutal treatment are treated as super stars.

Where is the moral outcry about that?

So far, the ONLY organization that is publicly expressing any outrage and demanding any restorative justice on behalf of the pimped and trafficked women and girls whose lives were ruined in order for some gangster rapper to fulfill his fantasy is Trafficking and Prostitution Services (TAPS)—I am still waiting to see what response, if any, TAPS will get to this letter:

Jody Williams
Trafficking and Prostitution Services
(888) 253-9619 Toll Free or (702) 416-5224

Hugh Hefner, Founder
Playboy Enterprises
Theresa Hennessey, Public Relations
via email theresah@playboy.com

Snoop Dogg
c/o Jay Bird, Agent
William Morris Agency
Via Email jjb@wmeentertainment.com

Kamala Harris
California Attorney General
Fax (916) 323-5341

Catherine Cortez Masto
Nevada Attorney General
Fax 775-684-1108

Rolling Stone Magazine
Via rseditors@rollingstone.com

Gloria Allred, Esq.
Attorney at Law
Via Fax (323) 653-1660

Yvonne Williams
Trafficking In America Conference
Via Email

Polaris Project
Via Email

Luis C De Baca
US Dept. of State
Via Email

Congressman Joe Heck
Via Email

Tom Ragan
Review Journal Newspaper
Via Fax

To All Addressed Above:

I read the recent article Snoop Dogg published about his time “living out his fantasy to be a pimp”. In most of society, when you want to live out a sexual fantasy, you get your partner to play out this fantasy with you that’s mutually agreed upon. In some cases, a man might even hire a prostitute or a dominatrix where they describe this fantasy to them. They then agree upon a price for this fantasy – and then live it out.

In this Rolling Stone article – Snoop says that he essentially went from town to town playing out his “fantasy to be a pimp”. He did this by “selling pussy” to professional sports players across the USA to prostitutes. Prostitutes he then says weren’t “really” paying him as a pimp because he “gave the money back” after the act was done.

First of all, if I had a fantasy about robbing a bank and then went about actually robbing a bank – giving the money back to the bank after I’d just robbed them doesn’t make the criminal act that I’ve just committed go away. Now if I had a friend who owned a bank who let me stage a “fake robbery” that everyone knew about ahead of time was a “fake” – then that could be called a “fantasy”. But Snoop clearly states that he committed everything during this tour a pimp does – then somehow giving the money back in an “April Fool’s” gesture (or so he says is what happened here) is supposed to make this all “good clean harmless fun”.

Well it wasn’t all “good clean harmless fun” nor just a “fantasy” from some of these womens’ perspectives who clearly were engaging in acts of prostitution. Acts that just because Snoop decided he wanted to give the money back after the women committed these sexual acts doesn’t make it all okay.

During this infamous Playboy tour, I received a call from Joe Heck about a case of a pregnant prostitute. The family had contacted him asking for help to get their daughter away from this violent pimp who was not letting their daughter escape his grip. He told me he couldn’t find anyone else in Nevada that would help in such a situation and asked me to help the family get their daughter free.

I contacted the family who then described to me what was going on. This pimp had been arrested before and had a history of violence. The girl was a few months pregnant, and afraid to leave for fear her family would be killed. I was able to make contact with the girl and find out what was going on.

Snoop Dogg did have this Playboy Tour going on where he was the “lure” if you will for these hardcore pimps that were right behind him. He would be the glitter and the glitz to bring the girls to them from the club to backstage. There they would receive drugs and then be “turned out”. Once they had gotten a taste of coke and celebrity and “broken in”, they would then be transferred like “hand me downs” to the hardcore traffickers. In this girl’s case, she was told that if she left that her family would be killed. Since these pimp knew where they lived – she had reason to believe the threats were real.

I convinced the family to move to a new location – and not tell the girl where the pimp could overhear the new location. Then I had it set up so that she’d get arrested on some minor charge where she wasn’t really arrested – just held. As she came out of the police station (knowing that no pimp is going near the police station) I was able to make contact with this girl and let her know that her family had moved, they were safe, and to come with me now to go to them.

We had her to her family in a short time. A few months later I received baby photos of the girl with her four month old baby girl safe and sound. This was not a woman who had been prostituting pregnant because she wanted to be – but because she clearly was afraid that her family would have been killed if she had tried to leave. This was made clear by the fact that once she knew her family was safe – she was out of there and with them.

However, this left a problem of what to do with the other girls being trafficked left behind and who were going to be going into this trafficking factory. The police didn’t want to get involved in this. No one wanted to go up against Snoop Dogg and all of the whole rap entertainment community. I certainly couldn’t make any public charges about him being part of a trafficking ring without risking defamation charges and a team of lawyers coming after me either.

All we could do was rally around our members who are nationally distributed. As the tour would come into a town – we knew that Snoop would be using the concert to lure in new victims. We would then do our best to get at the girls on a “one on one” basis to either prevent them from getting lured in – or when they would get entangled – take them out the back door to safety.

No one wanted to make a police report against a trafficking ring that was under the “wing” of protection of the music industry afforded by not just Snoop Dogg – but his “athletes.” What isn’t being understood in this article was that these were huge professional athletes. There were young girls who weighed maybe 110 pounds and not all of them were 18 years old either. Some of them lied about their age to get into these concerts. They were asked backstage to meet celebrities, athletes and musicians. Next thing they know, they’re having a door shut behind them where Snoop is then living out his “fantasy” of “selling” their “pussy” to these huge 200-300 pound athletes who are famous and wealthy who are all standing there in the room together getting high, drunk, and negotiating over their bodies like they were car parts.

They can’t exactly say “no”.

Would you? Just imagine you’re an 18 year old (if that) thin female who is suddenly asked back stage after a concert to meet Snoop Dogg and all of his friends and other musicians that were with him, and visiting him backstage during one of these events. You’re asked back into a party room where everyone is drinking and getting high which Snoop and his friends are notorious for doing after a show. There are also professional athletes there who are not the size of jockeys. These are huge, muscular athletes who are also wealthy, powerful and famous.

Snoop said clearly it was “his” fantasy to “sell pussy” to these athletes – not that these women had that fantasy and that he was fulfilling “their” fantasies for them when he did these things. As he also admits selling these women to more than one athlete in more than one city – he talks about how he “gave the money back” to the women when they gave it to him. If you act this out – it means the athletes are giving the money to the women, having sex with them, and then the women are giving the money to Snoop – all within the same area at the same time in order for Snoop to be giving it back to them.

We’re not talking that these men took them back to their hotel rooms for the night then to do this – or they would have had to go all the way back through security just to turn the money. That’s not going to happen. She’s not going to be partying, having sex with this famous athlete in his hotel room, and then going all the way back to wake Snoop up the next day to pay him his money. No – this was all taking place at the same time and location.

Again, robbing a bank and then giving the money back after – doesn’t make it okay. A bank robber can’t go “April Fool’s” and get out of an armed bank robbery charge. Why would what Snoop did here not be considered an act of sex trafficking? Especially when there is no proof offered that these women where (1) over 18 years of age, (2) consenting to this, (3) actually did return the money? Were receipts and copies of the ID’s of these women kept on file to verify any of this?

Prostitution is still illegal anywhere but in a small county in Nevada. What Snoop did here – whether he gave the money back or not – the act having been committed – was still prostitution. Therefore, even having given the money back – he’s still guilty of pandering. Even if these women didn’t commit prostitution. Even if he didn’t commit an act of pimping. He is clearly guilty of pandering – even this article is an act of pandering.

Our group and its members had to execute more than one rescue to get these women away from the pimps who were tagging around behind Snoop’s protective wings of his celebrity, money, status and power – as well as his connections. They also used him to hook them up with clients – such as the professional athletes – even by his own admission.

These women were young – many of whom didn’t have jobs. They didn’t have health insurance. They didn’t have any money. So I had to provide them with support services at no expense to them. I had to provide emergency shelter to these women while we got them back home. I had to provide transportation to them to get them back home once they’d been transported across state lines. I had to help some of them get into drug treatment. I had to sit up with them for hours at night sometimes while they were having nightmares, and flashbacks – and being scared to death that they’d be “found” again. Many of them were so traumatized by the experiences and the ordeal – they report they can’t even go to any concerts any more.

I had to keep our overhead on to answer these calls. Which meant I had to pay for our website, our phones, our toll free service, our fax line, our internet, our hosting service, our cell phones, cars, gasoline, insurance, and even tickets to get into some of these concerts so we could be there to help those who were being targeted by this sick, criminal fantasy of his. I also had to pay for the airplane tickets, the bus tickets, and the hotel bills while we were arranging to either get these women home, into a treatment program, or onto their own feet again away from this whole “system”.

How am I supposed to apply for a grant for this or even ask for any donations for this rescue work we were having to do – when no one would believe us if we told them before this confession of Snoop’s himself about what he was doing back then?

While he was living out his fantasies, and making all that money, and laughing about how he’s just “handing back the money” because this was all one big game to him – I was the one having to pay the check on this big banquet he was having. Certainly no one else was going to. We couldn’t even ask for help from some of the trafficking programs – because no one was going to go into these locations back stage to find these girls to help them get out the back doors when people still think most trafficking is only happening on street corners – and not right on the main stage with wealthy celebrities, musicians, and athletes.

Which is why many of these victims couldn’t even ask for help with traditional therapists. No one would have believed them. They would have thought they were being “crazy” and “paranoid” and maybe even tried to lock them up for observation. As it was, for those who did feel betrayed by their own society when these famous men turned them out like objects and treated them like trash – and then turned them over to violent pimps to continue the abuse – so I was having to verify this really happened to these victims just so they could get counseling and not be locked up for psychiatric observation.

While Snoop now gets to joke around about what “fun” the whole thing was in Rolling Stone? If you allow this to be viewed as something of a “boys will be boys” oh this is just the way “men act on tour” kind of thing – while I’m having to live on $710 a month in Social Security disability and trying to figure out how to network all of these resources needed to help rescue and take care of these women and let’s face it “girls” that were victimized and damaged for life by this tour – then you become a part of one of the largest trafficking rings that ever operated across the USA in history.

Mr. Hefner, you gave $1,000,000 to Lois Lee with Children of the Night because they help young prostitutes and trafficking victims. They do excellent work. Any girl affected by prostitution and trafficking can call their hotline 24/7 and get to safety and help – while if a woman happens to be a day over 18 years of age and therefore an adult – she gets to call a hotline that I have sitting on a table I bought at Wal-Mart for $20 that’s answered on an 800 number I have through Vonage because I can pay $15 for that phone number and barely squeeze out that bill on my income.

The victims of this tour are guaranteed their “anonymity” through our program and I’m not going to trot them out on some dog and pony show now that he’s’ confessed in order to get a donation when I actually think I’m entitled to damages for the expenses I incurred having to help these women to escape and recover because Snoop had a “fantasy” he wanted to live out without any thought about the after-effects or the full consequences of his actions on this “pimp” tour of his.

But isn’t that just exactly how a pimp thinks? That there are no consequences or “real damage done” or after-effects to what he’s done to his victims? That it was all just a “victimless crime” because everyone is left with all their fingers and toes now?

Not all damage is seen – and I can testify that some of these women have been damaged for life from what they went through connected with a whole process that he started rolling when the wheels of that tour bus hit the road. Since I posted something about this on my facebook – I’m even getting letters from other victims I wasn’t even aware of writing me who have been damaged by this man, or connected with the whole process he set up in this tour that he was the figurehead and the ringleader of.

He is a criminal. He should be treated no different than any other pimp in this country. As an American citizen, I demand a full criminal investigation be done against this man and everyone connected with this tour he’s confessed to “playing pimp”.

If we tolerate this – then we’re saying that men and “play murderer” or “play rapist” or “play bank robber” and that it’s all okay if you tell the reporter that you “gave the money back” and then try and laugh it off like it’s all a big joke.

If this is a joke – then Auschwitz is hilarious.

Yvonne, you’re organizing a Trafficking in America Conference on May 24-25th. I’d like you to sign a petition I’ll be sending over to your attendees that any outlet that carries Snoop Dogg’s music stop carrying it based on the fact that he’s admitted to being a human trafficker. Giving the money back doesn’t make the act go away that he’s admitted to performing on that tour besides his musical act.

If Snoop wants to laugh and give the money back – I’d like to know when he’s going to compensate me for the damages I incurred in my expenses in taking care of these women’s rescue and the work with their recovery after these experiences. He’s certainly going to be making money from the sales of his albums off the press he’s receiving from making such statements – and from his providing of sexual favors for professional athletes.

Mr. Hefner – I’d like to know what you’re going to do about the fact that you support Children of the Night’s work. This means you understand the horrible damage these girls go through when they’ve been pimped and trafficked. I want to know what you’re going to do about the sponsoring of someone who has admitted now that he’s a human trafficker. Again, just because he gave the money back doesn’t make the act go away.

I have an interview up on my radio show at www.blogtalkradio.com/stopsextrafficktalk

where I have an interview with a man who was a pimp for over 30 years. In this interview, Derek Williams reports that the reason why he was a pimp was because “that’s all he saw” in the urban community was pimps, drugs dealers, and the mistreatment of women. To him, seeing this kind of thing was “normal”. In other words, no one showed him this mistreatment of women was wrong.

A lot of young men, soon to be pimps, up and coming pimps, and old gentlemen pimps read your magazine Mr. Hefner. I’d like to know what your publication is going to do about showing these men that this is not “normal” and in fact downright a “wrong” way to treat and view women.

Something has to be done about this. I can be reached at the above contact information.


Jody Williams

The kicker is he didn’t do it for the money. He did for the FUN of it! He totally destroyed the lives of countless women and girls FOR FUN! He was already a rich rap star when he began fulfilling his “fantasy” of pimping women and girls. Selling an unwitting and duped 110 lb woman/girl to a room full of 200-300 lb football players for them to rape for money—and this was “fun” for Snoop.

Ask my colleagues and friends Jody Williams and Amy Schwartz at TAPS about just how “fun” it was for members of TAPS—a non-wealthy, non-government, non-charity, self-sustaining survivor-run org (on a shoestring budget)—to have to go and rescue some of those victims (with NO help or cooperation from police) from brutal traffickers who followed Snoop Dogg’s tours like maggots drawn to rancid meat. Yeah, it was real fun alright…

Since Snoop had his “spiritual transformation”, like so many other misogynists who sacrificed the lives of women and girls on the altar of the Almighty Phallocracy ‘just because’, he gets a free pass and celebrity treatment. And society reaffirms that he deserves his wealth and success and whatever other sick, twisted sexually sadistic benefit he got from inflicting harm and death on the girls he pimped for “fun”—society gave Snoop full approval by according him all of life’s social prizes and rewards while giving nothing but poverty, total marginalization, stigmatization and destruction to the women and girls who emerged as broken human wreckage from Snoop’s “fantasy.”

And for those who were swept away by the vicious human traffickers that were part of Snoop’s fun-filled tours, only to end up either murdered by johns or infected with HIV/AIDS? Too bad for them. But all is good—all Snoop had to do was hit the “Jesus Forgives Me” reset button and all is cool.


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