Pope Benedict Knocked Down During Christmas Midnight Mass in St. Peter's Basilica – Sphere News

Pope Benedict Knocked Down During Christmas Midnight Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica – Sphere News.

Good for this ex-Nazi papal prick. Serves him right for promoting the conscription of women to childbirth chattel slavery, even at peril to their own health and lives. That woman should have nailed him in the balls!


5 Responses to “Pope Benedict Knocked Down During Christmas Midnight Mass in St. Peter's Basilica – Sphere News”

  1. ralph mcrae Says:

    I got into a minor dustup with my brother’s ladyfriend (who is Catholic) when she mentioned how appalled she was that someone would do such a thing to the Pope. The woman who attacked him was deranged, apparently; but I gave my list of why I don’t feel any sympathy for him, or the Cardinal who was also knocked down — most of them, you have probably already mentioned elsewhere.

    • Jacqueline S. Homan Says:

      What happened to the Pope and a cardinal is NOTHING compared to the harm, injustice, injury, and death they’re causing for untold women in all-Catholic nations like Nicaragua and the Philippines where an abortion is illegal, even to save the life of the mother.

      The only sympathy those misogynists will ever get from me is out of the dictionary: between “shit” and “syphilis.”

      Does your brother’s friend feel appalled at the undignified and agonizing deaths of women in childbirth, that SOME of these women were forced to endure against their will for lack of access to real choice?

      Do they feel appalled at the senseless death of 28 yr old Maria de Gonzales, a poor single mother who DIED in excruciating pain from an ectopic pregnancy that no doctor dare remove to save her life because of the Roman Catholic Church’s heavy-handed influence in the Nicaraguan government? It took Ms. GOnzales 8 hours to die. Eight hours. Tell your brother and his friend to think about that one.

      And Ms. Gonzales is not the only casualty. There are numerous more, but because it is happening to women (women aren’t seen as human enough for our injuries, suffering, pain and death to matter), no one cares.

      Compulsory pregnancy and childbirth is tantamount to torture that wouldn’t even be legal at Guantanamo. In fact, the UN deems it a crime against humanity. In the ICC, individuals as well as governments can be hauled before the Hague for this under Article 7(g) of the Rome Statute. Forced birth is a human rights violation. But until women are seen as human enough to matter, this continues.

  2. AuBricker Says:

    This Pope’s greatest misdeed so far, in my opinion, lies his efforts to block the use of condoms in AIDS-ravaged Africa. He and others who promote this inane practice are responsible for the deaths of millions.

    • Jacqueline S. Homan Says:

      That condom debacle is yet one more scourge upon the face of humanity, if not the largest crime against humanity against an entire continent: the papacy’s promulgation of lies surrounding condom use are tantamount to mass premeditated murder — African genocide.

  3. Larry Carter Center Says:

    it needs to be said again and again loudly until a global voice is heard in chorus:
    ….. expel the Vatican from the United Nations.
    ….. The United States Government must recall it’s ambassador permanently to the Vatican. The Nazi pope is not a “country” and “recognition” merely enables this arch criminal to continue his deadly theocratics.
    ….. The United Nations must pass over the veto of any Islamist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or Shinto defacto or dejure theocracy, pass over such vetos full secular human rights protections from religious violence.
    ….. It is violent to deny the simple health care protection of a condom for the prevention of disease or unwanted pregnancy. The Nazi pope is guilty of this crime. MR Ratzinger, alias Pope Benedick by any number has needlessly allowed millions of people to contract diseases and too many have died early deaths because of him and his Cardinals and rapist priests who harm girls and boys.
    ….. It is violent to force any woman to stay pregnant against her will and against good medical advice to save her life from numerous pregnancy complications.
    ……It is violent to deny marriage equality to Gays and Lesbians while the Nazi pope has no business condemning the member nations of Mexico or Portugal in recent months for legalizing marriage equality.
    ………843-926-1750 Dial An Atheist Larry Carter Center

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