Fox’s Fake Liberals Are Neocon Lapdogs


Jacqueline S. Homan, Author: "Divine Right: The Truth is a Lie", "Classism For Dimwits", "Eyes of a Monster", and "Nothing You Can Possess"

The “American Dream” was always a nightmare. You cannot get ahead unless others around you are poor — often directly as a result of your efforts to get yours. They say democracy is two wolves and one sheep deciding what’s for dinner, but capitalism is a few wolves deciding how many captive sheep to devour. It is against this backdrop of faux democracy that corporate-owned media trots out its own “favorite son” wearing the liberal label on his sleave: Alan Colmes, the “liberal” star of Fox’s Hannity & Colmes, and his new Internet site, Liberaland.

But is Alan Colmes really liberal? He admitted having a personal liking and admiration for Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter.

I’ve been told by affluent pseudo-liberals that “I’m not being fair” in stating that Alan Colmes is really a flavor of neocon-lite and criticizing him for lacking the balls to admit it. I’ve been told that since I’ve never worked in TV or talk radio, I couldn’t judge Alan Colmes for being either a wimpy excuse for liberalism or a neocon apologist. But how does a self-proclaimed liberal working in TV and radio justify liking Rush Limbaugh — a misogynist class bigot who made his pile beating up on the poor for the last three decades; especially on poor women whose advocates he labeled as “feminazis?”

Alan Colmes likes neocon religitard Ann Coulter, too. Maybe that’s because she’s thin, blonde and has big boobs. And maybe that is somewhat excused for a rich, successful, famous male “star” — affluent men finding hot-looking, thin, WASP blonde Barbie types physically attractive. It’s the upper class WASP Barbie ideal of thinness, big boobs, and perfect hair that is our nation’s standard of beauty and “worthiness” in a society where women are valued only on looks. Ever wonder why that is, and why only affluent women can afford cosmetic surgery to fix what genetics, nature, and life’s circumstances bestowed?

Classism, like religion, is a memetic viral infection

We all know how invidious the whole system of unearned privilege and class stratification is, and that it is set up to promote a pretentious sociopathic middle class who is willing to stomp on the poor and keep the poor at the bottom and censor their voices. We all know that selling out on one’s principles plays a role in winning life’s comforts, class status, social prizes and rewards in this country.

For the past 30 years, the media and academia launched a multi-pronged assault on those at the bottom of the pile: poor women. This has gone unchallenged because everyone felt it was perfectly OK to beat down poor women with the “personal responsibility” cudgel…until now. The sudden change in tide is largely due to the fact that a lot of downwardly mobile middle class people are now “feeling the love” of the same victim-blaming that has always been disproportionately meted out to those on the very bottom socio-economic rung. The Underclass have always been on the receiving end of this backhand of “tough love” as opposed to a helping hand up.

"Classism For Dimwits" by Jacqueline S. Homan

The corporate media shamelessly peddled classism like a drug dealer hawking his wares, enticing the unwitting masses into a collective addiction.

The corporate media’s talking heads of questionable credibility and biased pseudo-intellectuals paid by billionaire-funded conservative think tanks have all set the “undeserving” poor up as the enemy, as “less than”, as “the Other, and as “trash” who are living undeservedly large off the largesse of good, hardworking middle class people that played by all the rules (that the rich contrived).

The sea of professionals who romanticize, fetishize, and demonize the poor took up the baton on cue and led the parade in poor-bashing. Their Ivy League PhD’s gave them credibility, quasi-celebrity status, and public worship for every word of their insipid drivel amounting to how we need to “fix” the defective poor and whip them into line to get with the middle class program and not look, sound, or act so…well…poor.

Who turned the tide of public opinion of compassion and support for the poor with social reforms such as FDR’s New Deal and Johnson’s Great Society programs into sentiments of social Darwinism culminating in the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 — the crowning achievement of the Reagan Revolution, which epitomized and legitimized the idea that “greed is good?”

Whose fault is it that the majority of the American public got conned into the myth of the “ownership society” where stepping on others’ necks to get ahead was OK, and that the “undeserving” poor should just go suffer quietly out of sight and dumpster-dive for food  as social safety nets were gutted?

Who spoke out for poor people’s economic human and civil rights these past 30 years while poor women and children were offered up like sacrificial scapegoats for misery and pain on the altar of the Almighty Dollar by pundits, clergy, and TV personalities? Who popularized the practice of stigmatizing the poor and calling that “entertainment”, and what do you think happened?

The result is a society of “Me, I, Mine” that emerged, producing a class of sell-outs, cheaters, liars, and backstabbers who will screw over anyone else they can in order to get theirs because they’re expected to have the “right” image and the “right” homes in the “right” neighborhoods where they/their progeny can make the “right” friends in order to be “worthy” and deserving of a chance for increasingly scarce good jobs.

Here’s a thought: how about we stop making excuses for this dysfunctional status quo.  Helping someone who is very poor and downtrodden — who is reaching out in desperation asking for help because there isn’t really “all this help out there” from all these government agencies and private charities — isn’t “someone else’s responsibility.” Be the change.


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23 Responses to “Fox’s Fake Liberals Are Neocon Lapdogs”

  1. Pete Says:

    Hi, Jacqueline. I’ve been reading your stuff for the past four hours or so on several websites. I’ll probably order books in the order of first the nothing you can possess, and after that the classism for dimwits.

    I was reading on alternet first and then found my way over here. I’d be interested in giving you some work if you are interested in doing it, although it might take the kind of mind-bending that it would take to write a romance novel, not that that’s what it is about. I’ve put up a way for you to get in touch directly if you’re interested in getting some work. I’d just as soon you delete my comment either way.

  2. solarpower Says:

    your blog’s design is simple and clean….

    Mind if I use some of the information from this post if I provide a link back to your site?…

  3. Alan Says:

    Hi, Jacqueline!

    I’ve been reading your posts for a short while (after finding
    a couple on alternet), and enjoying them. I might buy your
    books, but they are rather expensive for me (no income at
    present). Might you consider offering them at a lower price
    as e-editions (i.e. no printing cost?). You could do well at
    $5-6 per copy with essentially zero cost to you.

    Somewhere you write: “I struggle without any income, unless
    people buy any of the books I wrote, which most don’t/won’t
    because (1) my books are about social justice and nobody
    cares about the working class and the poor”. Well, I care!
    I care about the working class and the poor in the third world
    as much or more than those in the developing countries. Keep
    in mind that a billion people live on a buck or two per day.

    I applaud your efforts.

    Another thing:
    On this (“Foxes Fake Liberals”) post, you complain about the
    “upper class WASP Barbie ideal of thinness, big boobs, and perfect
    hair that is our nation’s standard of beauty and “worthiness” in a
    society where women are valued only on looks. Ever wonder why
    that is, and why only affluent women can afford cosmetic surgery
    to fix what genetics, nature, and life’s circumstances bestowed?”

    Funny you should mention, because I could not help noticing
    (being a man with a goodly amount of testosterone and a good
    imagination) that almost all your pictures feature prominently
    your own quite lovely feminine rack, and other attractive
    features. I assume you’ve not been able to afford cosmetic
    surgery — but also seem not to need it.

    So anyway, my question is: If you resent the “WASP Barbie
    ideal of thinness, big boobs”, etc., then why do you (seem to)
    flaunt your own possession of same in your photos? Not that
    I have anything against your photos. I love ’em. But it seemed
    a tad inconsistent with the rhetoric.



    • Jacqueline S. Homan Says:

      First off, I am “chubby” (a potential employer once scrawled across the top of my resume “DO NOT HIRE – TOO FAT”) which you can’t tell from looking at my head and shoulders shot on my cheap webcam pic, but thanks anyway.

      On my book prices: I have no income at all right now either other than food stamps. And I am uninsured and just got slapped with a diagnosis of early stage glaucoma three months ago. I have no resources to get medical care to save my eyesight, and there really isn’t “all this help out there” that people think there is. I know because I have tried very diligently to get helped only to get nothing. I have had to resort to begging for help from the public at large for $5 donations in hopes of being able to get the medical care I need to keep my eyesight.

      Since I am a self-published author, I also don’t get the dirt cheap printer fee discounts that big name trade publishers are able to get for their authors’ books. I am charged MORE than $6 per copy of each paperback book and more than $14 a copy for both my hardcover ones by the least expensive printing company. I can’t afford to pay out of pocket to give them away. Being poor myself, I need money for my work, too. If I can’t get the means to pay $275 for an ophthalmologist visit (I am supposed to have them every three months) plus the glaucoma eye drops, I will definitely lose my eyesight. Glaucoma is a progressive degenerative eye condition. Any eyesight lost from glaucoma is irreversible and permanent.

      I haven’t seen any ophthalmologists and pharmacists lining up to offer poor unemployed and uninsured people like me any free medical care. If I can’t somehow find the money to afford it, I get to go blind. Sorry, but I am a poor struggling writer without any resources myself. And I am facing going blind for the status crime of living while poor, long-term unemployed, and uninsured in our “wonderful” country.

      If you want to read books for free, there’s plenty at the library and if you request it, they can purchase a copy or two and you could read them that way.

  4. Alan Says:

    Thanks for the rapid reply!

    1. I was not suggesting you give books away for free. I was
    suggesting you sell e-versions (electronic books, no physical
    hardcopy) for modest prices — which would probably give you
    as much or more profit per sale, while expanding the scope
    of possible sales (e.g. me). Hence more $$ for you.

    2. Regarding the glaucoma: please google for glaucoma and
    vitamins, etc. You can find inexpensive alternatives. You should
    keep trying to get conventional care, but meanwhile, do what
    you can with cheap alternatives. For example: (found after
    one 10-second search):
    “While nerve-protective drugs may take years to develop, an
    array of natural nerve protectors may be able to minimize
    glutamate toxicity [thought to underlie glaucoma pathology].
    These include vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin),(18) SAMe
    (S-adenosylmethionine),(18) ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba),
    (19) vitamin E,(19) coenzyme Q10,(19) folic acid,(20) and

    Some of these are extremely cheap, like pennies per day (folic
    acid, magnesium). Some are semi-cheap, like nickels or dimes
    per day (methylcobalamin, ginkgo, coenzyme q10). The others
    are more expensive. Try for great prices. You can
    probably get a 4- or 6-month supply of all for less than the cost of
    one conventional ophthalmologist visit. Again, I am NOT suggesting
    that you abandon conventional ophthalmology, if you can manage
    to get it or afford it somehow. I am suggesting that you not delay
    with other CHEAP AND HARMLESS things that MIGHT help, that
    the ophthalmologist will not mention.

    3. You’re welcome for the “thanks anyway”. You’re very
    feminine and sexy, whether or not chubby. Larger curvy women
    are usually very attractive, regardless of popular perceptions
    and advertising industry-induced delusions about what women
    “should” look like.

  5. Alan Says:

    Now THAT’S better! I was wondering if your usual
    response to positive male attention was to abruptly
    dismiss and deny it. If so, then developing some
    new inner attitudes might be more potent for your
    healing than anything an ophthalmologist might have
    to offer. 😉 Or for that matter, more potent than
    any vitamin. 🙂

    • Jacqueline S. Homan Says:

      Well, there is far too much cruelty, treachery, and inhumanity in the world from too little love, fun, and positive interactions between people. I’m just a human being that happens to be female struggling to maintain my humanity in a world that has gone upside-down and backwards…and as a woman, a heterosexual woman, I would be either a fool or a liar to deny or dismiss the positive attentions from a friendly male, especially a male who has some class consciousness and intelligence. 🙂

      • Alan Says:

        I’m glad to hear that you’re not one of those “all men are
        rapists and that’s ALL they are” -type of feminists. Who
        was that? Marilyn French, I think. I want to say: “Marilyn,
        not all of us are such bad guys! Honest!”

      • Jacqueline S. Homan Says:

        Well, I am not an “official” feminist, either, in case you haven’t noticed.

        Official feminism is largely a petit bourgeoisie movement that has never really addressed the needs and concerns of women in poverty. Which is something I have criticized them for — repeatedly.

        Women like Sharron Angle, Sarah Palin, Carly Fiorina, and Meg Whitman and others at the top of the socio-economic class ladder have no more concern for their poor and disenfranchised and disempowered “sisters” than rich white old guys have for poor men, or that anyone in the bourgeoisie has for the poor, period, regardless of gender.

        As to that woman you mentioned, I have never heard of her and quite frankly, I don’t care to. The crazy idea that “all men are rapists” is as flawed as saying, “anyone who picks up a dinner fork is a murderer.” Do you see what I mean?

        Having been a rape victim, and having had more than just one or two wonderful, deeply passionate, intimate experiences with men, I find it extremely insulting to my intelligence that anyone would promote that kind of stupidity. I know first hand what the difference is.

        Rape is an act of violence, hatred, domination. And although most rapists happen to be men, the fact is that men are also rape victims of male rapists as well. So for someone to say “all men are rapists” is not merely intellectually dishonest, it’s downright fucked up and so wrong it is fractally wrong.

        Making love, flirting with a member of the opposite sex, etc., is a friendly overture and perfectly natural. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot who ought to be arrested for possession of brains with intent to use.

  6. Alan Says:

    PS: BRAINS and CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS are sexy. As sexy
    as a fine pair of boobs. And you’ve got all three. Hehe.

    • Jacqueline S. Homan Says:

      ::blushing:: 🙂

      If you lived close to Erie, PA, I would definitely have to meet you over a cup of coffee.

      BTW, in taking your suggestion seriously regarding e-book editions, I just spent the last four hours trying to figure out how to get the html code for a paypal shopping cart or buy now button to work on my blog here so that I could sell PDF versions of my books online. I am not very tech savvy, so I didn’t get very far with that. But I DO have all of my manuscripts stored in PDF version on my external back-up hard drive, if I could just figure out how to set things up to make downloadable versions available for $5 a copy, and figure out how to get one of those buttons on my website.

  7. Alan Says:

    Jacqueline, on alternet:
    “The reason this freak show is allowed to continue is because of a global, knock-down drag-out jihad launched by the corporate capitalist class against the middle class and the poor. What is going on here is not bifurcated from other fig-newton follies going on in the global theater. The micro mirrors the macro”.
    ……..and more. Beautiful! Very well said.

  8. Lily H. Says:

    Jacqueline; long time since we’ve talked last! Just read of your recent diagnosis with glaucoma — I just found out I have it too! Luckily, I am still on Medicare/Medicaid, so I will most likely get help for it eventually.
    My eye doc says he’s afraid to operate right now because my eyes already are high-risk bad vision, so he wants to see how fast the disease is progressing before he makes a decision.

    I’ll be seeing him next week. I’m still battling my cancer, am still in treatment. You put up a Facebook appeal for donations? Great idea, but sad that you had to resort to such a means to get a few crumbs from your kind readers.

    I had a couple of experiences recently with a local church’s weekly bread/produce give-away program, further illustrating the blatant indignities suffered by the poor and low-income. Last Sunday, I visited a church I and a close relative (he more than I) attend, and when I approached a section of the shelves and had placed an item in my bag to leave, I was admonished by the head overseer of the org, “You’ve got enough sweets”. She said it a second time before it registered she was addressing me. Even though I was just browsing, she’d assumed I was (gasp) going to take more.
    I then approached her, saying “Seems like every time I come in here, there seems to be some kind of difficulty”. She replied, “We get a lot of people in here ‘with difficulties'”. I replied back, “I can’t speak for them, but all I know is, I just want to get a little something and leave”. She tried to blow me off, then ironically, an elderly woman in front of me in line began hedging over her bags, thereby holding up the line, something the overseer was ostentibly trying to avoid. I gave her a penetrating look as if to convey, “See? All your behavior got you absolutely NOWHERE”.

    A few days later, I visited another church/bread-line, managed by the same overseer as on the previous Sunday. Upon checking in, I was handed a small ticket to return once I’d gotten my share and was about to leave. I duly handed it to a worker, after getting a few loaves of bread, only to discover one more station ahead required you to have that same ticket to obtain a half-gallon of iced tea. I told the person working that section I’d just given my ticket to another worker, then proceeded to return to him to get it back.

    The worker who I’d just gave my ticket to moments earlier, said he knew I’d just handed it to him, but “couldn’t find it”, so I brought him over to the iced tea lady to verify my claim. Even though he conceded that I had indeed just given him my ticket, she still refused to offer me the iced tea. According to her, not only did I need to have the coveted ticket, but it also had to have a stamped “heart” on it, as well. I thought, are these people for real? I then said, “If this is so necessary for you to keep these tickets, then you should have instructions at the beginning, so you don’t run into problems like this in the future”.

    Of course, this all fell on deaf ears, and when the iced tea lady tried to call the overseer over, I simply acquiesed, not wanting to cause any further upset, particularly with the other party. She glanced across the room at hearing the iced tea lady call her name, but I just hastened myself out of there, happy I’d gotten whatever I had so far, and content with that, period.

    Albeit this facet occurred after having sat through a typical sermon-before-the-wretched-poor-get-served, there was another interesting twist to that event. I reached the church moments after the supposed pastor finished preaching to the first group of arrivals who were then ushered out the door to receive their alms. I figured I and the handful of others who just got there would simply be ushered in as well. No dice — the wife of the pastor informed us we would also have to enter the rectory and listen to an impromptu repeat of what the first group just heard.

    Prior to walking in, you were handed a numbered ticket (ostentibly the order in which you arrived) to hand to the check-in station. Weirdly enough, the last number called in the first group had been #6, and the pastor’s wife mistakenly called it out, only to find the NEXT number called was #35! Apparently, those between #6 and #35 had left upon discovering they’d have to sit through a boring sermon before being served…
    I asked the pastor’s wife while filing into the rectory why we were being led there when others were being served. She replied, “He’ll (the pastor) tell you”.

    After we were seated, the pastor informed us that “in order to receive anything, you have to ‘know the Lord'”. I rolled my eyes, and braced myself for the coming 10-15 minute tirade. I thought logically, if this is only open for two hours at a time, how can they accurately time the sermon to the unknown quantity of when anyone would arrive? I checked the outer room to see if there was any stragglers — none, thus far.

    I wondered, “How many times can/will the pastor interrupt streamlining people in and out under this peculiar angle?” I then thought, guess the poor aren’t supposed to ask, never mind question, the motives or actions of those handing out “free” food. This had been my second time here (last visit was nearly a month ago). I’d arrived early, not noticing if there had been this problem/dilemma then.

    On the way out, this time, I encountered two women just arriving. I told them, “You’re still going to have to sit through the sermon” as I walked out of the parking lot. I felt at least I gave them head’s up.

    This was so offensive on so many levels, I hardly know where to begin. In all fairness, I didn’t/don’t mind the initial sermon, as it was the start of the two-hour time slot alloted for the food giveaway. What I couldn’t fathom for the life of me, was how on earth could they expect to literally preach to each and every person whose arrival could not be determined ahead of time? This might have been an interesting time/work study for someone in the efficiency field. Makes me almost want to go back and feign “just waiting for a friend” to sit and observe the pattern they seem to be following.

    As it happened, I really didn’t have enough room (or could I carry) an extra 1/2 gallon-sized beverage, but who I really felt sorry for was the poor sap worker whose attempts to rectify the situation were summarily dismissed by his “superior”. Both of these people were, by all appearances, just as poor as the folks on the other side of the table. Even though initially he tried to “fight” on my behalf, upon hearing her counter his accounts, he simply backed down, seeming not to register that his own accounts had just been dismissed, as well as mine.

    I thought, what must that poor guy really think of this place now? I recall many an experience while working on numerous low-end jobs where even though the customer/client/patron was correct/justified, our “stupidvisor”
    continued to trot out the company B.S., leaving said person in utter disbelief. And of course, the poor worker could only stand there and shrug
    (unless the boss walked away) helplessly, shaking their head, muttering, “Wish I could help you, but…”

    And at THIS line, you weren’t even ALLOWED sweets, unless you DONATED items to their pile of nearly dumpster-ready “free” clothing. I gladly put the bag of day-old Pepperidge Farm Snickerdoodle cookies back on the table.

    Just another day in Paradise…

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