Not a Single John Ever Cared About the Trafficking Victims They Harmed

April 4, 2014

Only 15% of all men are johns (socially protected and approved rapists). At least 60% are married or are in long-term relationships. And 100% of them drive the $32 billion/year commercial rape industry. Everyone claims to be against sex trafficking. Everyone claims to care about sex trafficking survivors. So then why does everybody go out of their way to deny sex trafficking survivors reparations and restorative justice?

Instead, society is more concerned with protecting the privileges of these johns. Because these johns are “nice guys” who are “pillars of the community”, they somehow are more deserving of protection than the women and children they pay to degrade, humiliate, rape and harm, and even kill while society is convinced that they aren’t doing anything wrong, that they’re not monsters who are destroying real victims’ lives.

But not a single john cares if the woman or girl he sexually abuses, violates, humiliates, degrades, beats up, and tortures and penetrates and ejaculates inside of and on just for kicks is being forced to open her legs for him under very real threat of harm or death by traffickers or a pimp.

Not a single john cares that she does NOT want to be there for him and wants out but has no way out—except maybe suicide.

Not a single john cares if she is younger than his own daughters—whom he would not want other men doing to them what he just did to the girl that he paid for the “right” to do things to that his own wife or girlfriend would not have to tolerate.

Not a single john cares if she is left with disabling and debilitating urinary incontinence for the rest of her life as a result of the sexual injuries he inflicted on her adolescent body. Don’t like what I’m doing? Hurts? Tough shit. I’m paying. Shut up. You’re nothing but meat.

Not a single john cares if his bed victim did not want to go “bareback”—it’s not that john who will suffer an unwanted (and probably very high risk) pregnancy with a “trick baby” as a result.

Not a single john cares if he infects the woman or girl with a deadly and incurable disease that she can’t get medical care for (but he can)—that is what his money and male privilege entitles him to do to her.

Not a single john cares if the girl he feels entitled to fuck isn’t even old enough to get a paper route job.

Not a single john has a vested interest in working towards a more fair and equal society for women so that his own daughters won’t be poor because of having their job opportunities limited due to discrimination against women with prostitution being offered up as the ONLY “option” left to them.

Not a single john cares about anyone or anything except being able to have access to an entire class of women and kids that the rest of society offered up to him on a silver platter as human shields for him to vent his sickest, darkest urges upon so that women and girls from the “better ” social classes might be spared from having to experience it.

So WHY are so many people in society—including highly privileged professionals who call themselves “objective”, “unbiased”, “enlightened” and “logical”— MORE concerned with protecting HIS reputation and career and HIS “right” to further enrich pimps, to dehumanize and rape, to crush women’s and girls’ hopes and destroy their lives—than they are with protecting and supporting poor sex trafficking survivors’ human rights and valid claims for reparations and restorative justice?

I was only 13. What did I do to deserve to be thrown away and allowed no other place in society except the gutter and an early grave from being trafficked at 13 with NO help to escape when I was 17, and then left to die from poverty due to being stigmatized and excluded from jobs for the rest of my life because of what was done TO me by others?

How the fuck can ANYONE claiming to be a supporter of sex trafficking survivors’ human rights and claims for justice be OK with ANY of that shit in the name of “liberty?” Liberty for WHOM?

As an impoverished trafficking survivor with NO income, fighting for human dignity to abolish slavery and fighting for restorative justice for those of us who are struggling for our lives and basic human rights as victims of an industry of sexual torture, slavery, and the added oppression of stigmatization which has barred me from any employment in post-Welfare Reform America, your support is desperately needed so I may continue my work in educating the public about this very important human rights issue. Please donate to support my work and my quest for restorative justice. Thank you.

Jacqueline S. Homan

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Simulated sex, bitches, pimping and weed – Snoop Dogg & Major Lazer have arrived

January 20, 2014

Originally posted on Thoughts From Jas:


On Saturday night I found myself at the Arena in Fortitude Valley, to do a little undercover project for Collective Shout. My mission was simple, to watch Snoop Dogg’s show and observe whether he really is the ‘newly reincarnated reggae artist’ that people think he is, or if he is still a misogynistic, pimp-obsessed gangster rapper.

Before I even talk about Snoop’s show however, I want to talk about what it was like to watch Major Lazer, the support act for Snoop.

On a positive note, the show was definitely high-energy and perfect to go nuts to – as I found out when I copped a wayward arm to the face. Needless to say, I soon found myself adopting a protective dance style in which I busted a 90’s side-step routine while holding my arms in front of my face – I call it the protective white girl move. Totally…

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Prostitution, pornography and the illusion of ‘choice’

January 16, 2014

Jacqueline S. Homan:

“Feminists who claim prostituted women have ‘choice’ are letting those women down. They may think they are helping them by invoking the ‘choice’ argument. They may have the best of intentions. But tell me, then, why all these feminists are not prostitutes themselves? Why not give up their well-paid jobs and become a well-paid prostitute or a well-paid porn star? Because – obviously – these feminists have some degree of choice, certainly more than the prostituted woman has. They may have had opportunities which the prostituted woman has not had. They would do well to think on that next time they are arguing that the woman who is being used by a man to achieve orgasm has any ‘choice’ in the matter.”

Originally posted on FireWomon:

We radical feminists often get called prudish. Our critics say that we have no sex, no sex drive, or that we repress our sexual urges. Whilst any or all of these things may be true, we rad fems are no more likely to fall into any or all of these categories than the general population. We just manage to get our rocks off without harming any other living creature (you should try it some time. It’s really not that difficult).

‘Harm’ covers a wide variety of practices, at least to the rad fem mind. Included in these practices are pornography and prostitution. It is necessary to point this out because millions of girls and women are now being fed the ‘choice’ argument, i.e. you can become a prostitute and/or partake in porn if you choose to do so. If you don’t, fine, you also have the choice to abstain…

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Legalized Prostitution is Legalized Bio-terrorism

December 21, 2013

by Jacqueline S. Homan,  Author of Classism for Dimwits and Without Apology

Sorry but in light of recent developments for legalizing prostitution at the UN and in Canada viz-a-viz the Bedford ruling, this has to be said: Johns/punters are nothing but bio-terrorists. They’re RAPISTS who use their dicks as deadly weapons. And ANYONE who defends across-the-board decriminalization (letting johns and traffickers off the hook as a precondition for decriminalizing the prostituted) is a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance.

Unlike the poor trafficked women and kids they pay for the “right” to abuse—and let’s talk about that money thing: pimps and traffickers and brothel owners get almost ALL of that money, NOT the poor prostituted women and girls!—the poor prostituted women don’t have access to medical care so that they may get treatment and live a high quality and longer life like the johns with money and access to healthcare can.

Women and kids do not have incurable sexually transmitted diseases when they are pressed into prostitution, they get them from being infected by johns who pay for the “right” to rape and infect them.

So when these predatory bastards deliberately and knowingly infect poor prostituted women and kids with AIDS and Hepatitis because they WANT TO (and yes, if they did not want to do that, they would not be refusing to wear condoms), that makes johns (i.e. rapists) BIO-TERRORISTS. What else would you call deliberately infecting poor, sexually exploited and abused women and kids with deadly, incurable STD’s?

A 2007 study published in JAMA showed that 38% of a study group of 287 sex trafficked Nepalese women and girls tested positive for HIV. The study also showed that the younger the trafficked girl, the higher the likelihood of being exposed to HIV since johns specifically request younger girls (under age 15) at brothels and johns often refuse to wear condoms and the prostituted women and girls realistically cannot compel them to.

Many other regions have much higher rates than that, such as Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside where 75% of prostituted women and girls are HIV-positive. Women and children who are trafficked for commercial sex experience a tenfold risk of contracting HIV compared to any other subgroup of the population. The average age of entry into the sex trade for females is 12-14 years of age.

The US is one of the top three source and destination hubs for sex trafficking. According to the US State Department, 95% of sex trafficking victims are women and girls and 80% of human trafficking victims within the US are American women and girls. Poverty due to discrimination and lack of an adequate economic safety net are the main factors.

And according to the Harvard School of Public Health study authored by Dr. Jay Silverman, the HIV infection rate exceeded 60% among girls forced into prostitution prior to age 15 from the 2007 sample of 287 Nepalese women and girls. The public health consequence, and ultimately, the devastation to society caused by male demand for commercial sex is astronomical.

“Addressing the widely accepted male demand for commercial sex is critical to ending this modern day form of female slavery,” Silverman said.”

Think about what those who promote and DEFEND legalizing prostitution are really supporting!

As an impoverished trafficking survivor with NO income, fighting for human dignity to abolish slavery and fighting for restorative justice for those of us who are struggling for our lives and basic human rights as victims of an industry of sexual torture, slavery, and the added oppression of stigmatization which has barred me from any employment in post-Welfare Reform America, your support is desperately needed so I may continue my work in educating the public about this very important human rights issue. Please donate to support my work and my quest for restorative justice. Thank you.

Jacqueline S. Homan

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Abolishing Sex Trafficking and What Those With Privilege Do NOT Want to Hear

December 19, 2013

by Jacqueline S. Homan, author of Classism for Dimwits and Without Apology

Many people claiming to support poor trafficked women offer up legalizing prostitution across the board. They call for decriminalizeing pimps and brothel owners and the johns as the only way to decriminalize poor prostituted women and girls.

I don’t see why the over-privileged, self-entitled RAPISTS (aka “johns”), whose MONEY and MALE PRIVILEGE in our male supremacist society drives this industry of misogyny of prostitution, enriching brothel owners, pimps and traffickers at the expense of poor women and girls’ lives—must be shielded and further privileged with anonymity and lack of accountability (which they currently enjoy, for the most part) as a precondition for decriminalizing the prostituted and expunging the prostitution records for those of us who are survivors who would not have those arrest records barring us from getting jobs had we not been trafficked in the first place.

As an aside, it is patently unfair to poor women that MALE convicted FELONS (many whom are convicted PEDOPHILES and murderers) are given hiring preferences for good-paying jobs at places like GE while POOR women—especially poor women who are trafficking survivors with unfairly levied prostitution records—get NO such opportunity for that same helping hand up.

The MEN whose money was used to STEAL and DESTROY my life and crush all my hopes, dreams and aspirations underfoot just because I was female, poor, orphaned and HOMELESS at age 13 in a rich white male dominated society can damn well pony up and use their unearned privileges to support poor trafficking survivors like myself and put me on my feet and help me rebuild my life and the lives of other sex trafficking victims too, and pay for social programs for the traditionally disadvantaged to reduce/eliminate vulnerability to traffickers. Sorry, but these deviant pigs owe poor prostituted women and kids BIG TIME.

Why should these “johns” continue to be given a free pass and not even suffer the least bit of repercussions for their actions as a condition of decriminalizing poor prostituted/formerly prostituted adult women (most whom were pressed into the sex trade between the ages of 12-14)

The johns are clearly the ONLY ones with any real agency in this whole sordid matter. It’s THEIR money, and THEIR choices that keep traffickers, brothel owners, and pimps in the lucrative business of selling and re-selling the bodies of poor women and kids over and over and over.

Why should the johns be protected with an ongoing free pass as a condition of supporting poor vulnerable women with an economic safety net to reduce our vulnerability to traffickers, and for providing sex trafficking victims/survivors with exit programs that must include an economic safety net, access to medical and dental care, and affirmative measures of social acceptance backed up with a guaranteed access to the good jobs we need and deserve—instead of having these perps being held accountable for using their MALE PRIVILEGE to oppress women, using their money (that they’re getting from the same good jobs they monopolize by DENYING poor women an equal opportunity for) to violate and degrade poor marginalized and abused women?

Sorry, but those fuckers used their money, power and privilege to make this mess so they can bloody well clean it up and answer for all the lives they’ve ruined.

To insist on affording the johns the privilege of lack of accountability—legally, economically, and socially—is to put one’s self squarely on the side of the traffickers and pimps.

This society has the blood of its poorest and most marginalized and disprivileged women on its hands, and I REFUSE to be polite about that. And you don’t need to read Macbeth to know that blood is not so easily washed away.

Yes, I am demanding justice. And for poor sex trafficking victims/survivors like me, justices means implementing the Nordic Model with exit programs and economic safety nets for the poor to reduce/eliminate vulnerability to trafficking, and affirmative action employment at REAL jobs—not blowjobs—for poor women NOW!!!!!!!!

And even though SOME formerly trafficked women might be able to get prostitution arrest records wiped, but it costs a LOT of money—something that 99% of trafficking survivors do NOT have. I should know, having personally spent my whole life in dire poverty, unable to ever get a chance for a job (at least, for more than a week) and get on my feet.

I have NO other criminal record other than prostitution arrests from when I was 13-17 years old when I was trafficked because I was poor, female and HOMELESS – and prostitution as the “Final Solution” for POOR women and girls was the ONLY place this society decided I was allowed to have.

The fact that I have been allowed NO OTHER PLACE in society EXCEPT the gutter has been driven home to me over and over again throughout the past 29 years of my life since escaping the rape industry of sexual slavery, every time I was denied jobs that I otherwise would have qualified for—no matter what I struggled to accomplish to make myself “worthy” of a chance for a job.

I have a Bachelors degree in math w/ a minor in physics that opened NOT ONE door for me. All I got was a mounting unpaid capitalized student loan debt (now totaling over $50K with capitalized interest) that I will NEVER be able to afford to repay.

I also have an impressive writing portfolio ranging from freelance investigative journalism to ghostwritten bioethics articles and grad school dissertations (much of that was FREE work to “build skills” and “gain experience”, but it never materialized into a chance for a job for me) to FIVE self-published non-fiction books centering on social justice. None of that opened any doors for me, either.

Which for me, meant an entire lifetime ever since escaping from my traffickers at age 17 in 1984 of having NO ability to live with the minimum human dignity of being able to afford food, medical and dental care, clothing, heat in the winter, hot water to bathe properly with, and transportation (where I live, the temps dip down into the single digits so being unable to afford utilities is literally a death sentence).

Until age and the physical damage to my hips and back from injuries incurred from being trafficked caught up w/ me, I had to spend MANY years digging through other people’s trash for scrap metal just to get BARELY enough money to even stay alive. If not for a crazy old coot 25 years my senior caring enough about me to marry me so I’d at least have a roof over my head and an old used Ford truck to drive, I’d have ended up dead from being destitute out on the streets long before now. He had very little: only a social security disability check of $900/mo, and that was the ONLY income we had as a couple to live on. Now I am widowed and cannot even get a social security’s widow’s benefit of $470/mo (based on the 55% of what my spouse’s allotment was that I’ll be entitled to) until I turn 59 1/2 years old—which is 13 yrs from now (I am 46 yrs old now).

Every day of my life these past 29 years since escaping my traffickers has been a daily fight for basic survival. But NOBODY cares!

Instead, people blame the victim.  Not because they don’t know any better, but because that’s what makes them feel good about themselves. Because NO ONE wants to admit that just MAYBE they’ve benefited, directly or indirectly, from an entire array of injustices that secured their privileges and opportunities for them at the expense of those with NO fucking privileges—women who were discarded into the prostitute class, usually long before we were old enough to legally be considered “women.”

Last month I nearly DIED from being unable to get helped with treatment for the SECOND broken abscessed tooth I suffered within the span of one year. (I have more bad bottom teeth that will eventually need to come out and be replaced with a denture but I have NO way of getting that).

As a theater of last resort, I reached out for help on Facebook and many people took it upon themselves to make calls on my behalf and thoroughly investigate possible avenues of help for me as an indigent woman who is a trafficking survivor.  People didn’t believe me when I said I could not get helped, which is why I was having to beg for money from them.

Well-meaning and responsive activists and supporters called EVERYONE and EVERY local charity in my area and found that I was indeed telling the truth. They found out first hand for themselves that there really was no way for me to get helped even at the local sliding fee clinic.

The infection was on its way to my heart before I finally got helped because of getting the donations to my emergency medical fundraiser that I needed and was able to get antibiotics and the oral surgery.

So no, there really isn’t “all this help out there” for chronically poor female prostitution survivors whom this whole society turfed out.

I got slapped with a life sentence at the age of 13. What the hell did I do to ANYBODY to deserve that? I deserved to have a life and a future just as much as everybody else!

Based on what I observed and personally experienced as a poor trafficking victim, charities for the most part merely serve as a wealth protecting tax shelter that serve to ensure good jobs for those with middle/upper class privilege (from steady funding streams of donations and federal block grants), doubling as a conscience-laundering vehicle for a selfish and downright apathetic society that values the lives of poor trafficked women and kids less than the pimps, pornographers and traffickers do.

Worse is that these same NGO’s that claim to be all about “empowering” poor trafficking survivors will NOT hire us because of criminal background checks that come back with prostitution arrest records. One more way for the professional middle class (who dominate this movement and who are sucking up all the money that is supposed to be going for “helping” poor trafficked women and kids) to serve as gatekeepers to keep POOR trafficking survivors from being able to get jobs—including in the ONE area where a reasonable person would think we SHOULD be getting hired in.

I don’t know how many trafficking survivors have reluctantly returned to the sex trade after being rescued from it because of being denied ANY and ALL means of economic survival: there is NO economic safety net for the economically excluded and marginalized whom NO ONE will hire, and NO justice in hiring practices so that survivors can be empowered for real instead of only through lip service.

Gee, how convenient for women with privilege who have options, for they are secure in knowing that their poorest and most marginalized sisters will never be able to compete with them for a chance at getting ANY jobs. And it’s a MILLION times even MORE convenient for MEN with privilege and money who are therefore guaranteed access to a permanent pool of prostituted people—a permanent underclass of the underclass—whose bodies they can rent to abuse and torture and degrade because this society has served to fulfill the prophetic words of the pimps, pornographers, traffickers, johns and porn sots: “Once a whore, always a whore.”

I don’t need “spiritual healing”, I need food, medical and dental care, a warm house, hot water to bathe properly, clothing, and a chance for a job and/or an adequate economic safety net including income support so at least I can live what’s left of my life with just a little bit of human dignity.

I don’t need to “learn how to develop a positive attitude”, I need to have something real to be positive about.

This society owes me at least that much for failing to protect me and turfing me out when I was orphaned and homeless and trafficked at 13, and for subsequently condemning me to total exclusion and permanent, life-threatening poverty with no way out and no hope after I escaped from my traffickers and the sadistic rapist-johns who relish having power that their money and male privilege affords them over poor women and girls— as punishment for what was done TO me by others.

If society truly is sorry and truly cares about POOR trafficking survivors, this would not be my reality.

The answer to a lifetime of being denied any real opportunities should NOT be legalizing paid rape and abuse, allowing poor discarded women like me no other option except the legal “right” to “choose” to return to “sex work.” I need JUSTICE. And giving a not-so-respectable veneer of “legal” to a sexual predation industry as the only solution for poor women like me is NOT justice.

In Solidarity,
Jacqueline S. Homan

As an impoverished trafficking survivor with NO income, fighting for human dignity to abolish slavery and fighting for restorative justice for those of us who are struggling for our lives and basic human rights as victims of an industry of sexual torture, slavery, and the added oppression of stigmatization which has barred me from any employment in post-Welfare Reform America, your support is desperately needed so I may continue my work in educating the public about this very important human rights issue. Please donate to support my work and my quest for restorative justice. Thank you.

Jacqueline S. Homan

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Open Letter from Survivors

December 10, 2013

Open Letter from Survivors.

Jenna Jameson’s “Choice” Seen Through the Eyes of a Trafficking Victim

November 15, 2013

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Dan Kleinman Carried My Words to the ALA: What About Sex Trafficking Victims’ Rights?

November 7, 2013

Dear Orland Park Public Library Board of Trustees,

I’m Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries, and I also have a message below from sex trafficking victim Jacqueline Homan. I’ve been watching the news where the Orland Park Public Library claims to be complying with the First Amendment of the US Constitution by allowing legal pornography on public library computers. I’ve been quoted on this local issue of yours in the Chicago Tribune and perhaps may soon appear in other local media, likely because the author of the Children’s Internet Protection Act [CIPA] has called me a “trusted source” for information about how and why libraries mislead on library law ( ).

I am writing to assist you with your understanding of the law regarding the First Amendment, public libraries, and Internet filtering. Jacqueline Homan is writing to advise that the rights of silent sex trafficking victims should not be trampled by public libraries displaying the crimes committed against them and calling it “free speech” or “constitutional protected material.” So let me say a few things, then please contact me if you desire my assistance in any way, given what the CIPA author said about me.

According to United States v. American Library Association [ALA], 539 US 194 (2003) ( ), “public libraries’ use of Internet filtering software does not violate their patrons’ First Amendment rights….”

That’s it. It’s right there in the first sentence of the summary. Use of software filters does not violate library user’s First Amendment rights. Saying they do is factually and legally false. Besides, even ALA now admits library filters work, work well, no longer block health-related web sites, and claiming breast cancer searches will be blocked is an old excuse ( ).

And US v. ALA applies whether or not a library accepts federal funding. You see, before the Court found CIPA to be constitutional, it first found using filters does not violate constitutional rights. Based on that finding, it then found CIPA to be constitutional. Let me get the sentence for you, to help you. It’s the first sentence of the case summary. “Because public libraries’ use of Internet filtering software does not violate their patrons’ First Amendment rights, CIPA does not induce libraries to violate the Constitution, and is a valid exercise of Congress’ spending power.”

So even if you do not accept federal funding under CIPA, it is still legal to block pornography from public libraries under US v. ALA. Claims that the 1973 case of California v. Miller on the definition of obscene controls public libraries are merely a means to manipulate people into ignoring the 2003 US v. ALA case. Besides, local laws that create local libraries implicitly exclude porn, and while libraries may act autonomously, they are not empowered to act outside the law. Local governments have the right and duty to force libraries to act within the law or themselves face severe liability. Where libraries do NOT filter, they and their municipalities can and have been sued by librarians for sexual harassment. The ALA does not advise people of that. So it is wise for a library board to comply with the law and filter out porn, or for a municipality to force a library to comply with the law without ever piercing the veil of autonomy to act within the law.

Generally speaking, here is more information about the dogma used to mislead libraries and communities about pornography in public libraries: If you swallow the dogma, you get embarrassing stories like this: “ALA Supports Orland Park Public Library Stance on Viewing Porn,” by Sean O’Connor, Chicago Libraries Examiner, 5 November 2013 ( ).

Lastly, think about the rights of the sex trafficking victims who appear on some of the pornography films displayed in public libraries on the theory that people have the First Amendment right to do so despite what the US Supreme Court said. If you are a library that allows porn viewing, you are contributing to the further persecution of sex crime victims. Here is what one trafficked victim, Jacqueline Homan, told me as a message to public libraries that allow porn viewing:


My human rights as a crime victim—a victim of sex trafficking whose “prostitution past” includes my rapes being made into others’ “entertainment”—rights which have been abrogated and completely disregarded, are NOT up for debate.

NO ONE would hire me in ANY job at all since I escaped my traffickers at age 17. I am now 46 and face preventable blindness due to having glaucoma but being poor and uninsured and unemployable because of my age and because of having been completely marginalized 100% out of any hope of re-entering society and finding love, social acceptance, or even a chance for a REAL job instead of a fucking blowjob—because of being stigmatized for being a CRIME VICTIM of the CRIME of sex trafficking.

And you want to take away from women like me—sexually exploited and abused women who get no help and no support to rebuild our stolen lives by focusing on the “rights” of some disgusting POS who enacted his hardcore porn fantasies on my body as a homeless, orphaned and trafficked teen? More men than I can count. All before I was old enough to vote. Think about that for a minute.

And since escaping, all I got the “opportunity” for was to go further into poverty w/ $52K in college loan debt I can never repay because my degree failed to open ANY doors for me due to a “past” I did NOT have any control over or choice in the matter.

But hey, let’s not support the REAL victims of the sex industry because it’s just so much easier to defend the “free speech rights” of predators who participate in the destruction of trafficking victims’ lives than to concern yourselves with our rights. Porn users and traffickers’ “free speech” rights end where my right to NOT be sexual chattel (per the 13th Amendment) for others’ “free speech” begins.

You may quote me verbatim, Dan.

Oh, and you can add this:

Thanks so much for taking the side of the johns who raped me, the traffickers who FORCED me and made my gang-rape some porn sot’s “entertainment”—the men who wanked off to my torture and abuse while in captivity because predators have rights while victims are denied ours.


As an impoverished trafficking survivor fighting for human dignity, to abolish slavery and fighting for restorative justice for those of us who are struggling for our lives and basic human rights as victims of an industry of sexual torture, slavery, and the added oppression of stigmatization which has barred me from any employment in post-Welfare Reform America, your support is desperately needed so I may continue my work in educating the public about this very important human rights issue. Please donate to support my work and my quest for restorative justice. Thank you.

Jacqueline S. Homan

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Here’s the Thing

November 5, 2013

Jacqueline S. Homan:

As a sex trafficking survivor who fully stands with fellow exited sister, Rebecca Mott, both for the abolition of prostitution and for restorative justice and reparations to the primary victims of the sex industry, I refuse to provide any trigger warnings. Trigger warnings is yet another for those with power to control the expression of the oppressed – this is especially true for the prostituted class. Our words and truths are deemed to be too terrible to be heard or seen – we have become the unspeakable.
This is to keep us as sub-humans and to play the game of the traffickers and violent, sexually cruel and sadistic johns who told us our experiences would be too unspeakable to be heard or seen, that no one will ever want to hear the truth about what happened to us, that society will never care about us or help those of us who escaped and survived.
It keeps us as goods and without the human right of expression. Just like the police reports of our murdered and fallen sisters whose voices are no more, homicide reports that read “No Human Involved.”
Our truths should disturb, should make outsiders uncomfortable, should upset enough to force real action – we should speak to torture, to mass raping and to the invisible murders of the prostituted class.
I am sick of those with privilege demanding that we use trigger warnings to guilt-trip and/or censor us..

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:

This post is saying words I seemed to have repeated too many times, but here’s the thing all these words must be repeated until there is true freedom for all the prostituted class.

Here’s the thing, our trauma, our pain, our grief and our complete lack of justice can not be healed until these are read, are heard and fully taken on board.

We cannot live in the demi-world where the prostituted class are kept sub-human, as others “debate” whether prostitution is bad or not, discuss how to separate “bad” trafficking from “good” indoors prostitution, argue the toss whether prostitution should be made fully legal/semi-legal or illegal.

All these words and heat of debate goes ignoring the constant rapes, constant torturing and constant deaths of all of the prostituted class.

I cannot stop repeating myself until the genocide of the prostituted class is seen with clear eyes – and not…

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Human Right Not For Us

November 4, 2013

Jacqueline S. Homan:

As a sex trafficking survivor, I stand with my exited sister Rebecca Mott 100% on this!

Originally posted on Rebecca Mott:

I am full of trauma – but believe to write is to fight for life.  So I must write.

My soul has been shattered by so many trafficking and human rights groups being so unable to view the prostituted class as fully human.

I stare in disbelief as those who claimed to care about the prostituted class call us sex workers, say only stigma is the issue not the violence done to the prostituted, and say prostitution is not connected to trafficking.

My heart breaks as each time a strong exited speak to the truth, it is dismissed as her sad individual story, and never that she is just describing the everyday violence of the sex trade.

My trauma is screaming out -

Are we not allowed to be human enough to have human rights?

Our rapes are in the thousands – yet the more we are raped, the more…

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